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Real Estate

As a people-first realtor, Heather believes that buying a home should be a warm, welcoming and stress-free process. With her professional and warm colour palette, she stands out from other real estate agents and brings the beauty of nature to your home buying journey on the Sunshine Coast.


The Challenge

​In order to stand out in the over-saturated real estate market, we set out to create a brand that looked warm and welcoming and moved away from the corporate and impersonal feel of most real estate agents.

The Solution 

To achieve this, we created a professional and warm color palette, incorporated elements of nature to reference the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, and focused on client education and creating a sense of safety. Additionally, we made a visual style shift by featuring photos of our agent, Heather Freeman, interacting with clients, rather than just interior and property shots. This sets us apart from other real estate agents and provides a warm and welcoming home buying experience for our clients.

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