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Hike Again

Introducing Hike Again Remedies, the first line of Veterinary Health Products made in Canada specifically for mature and senior dogs. Our products are formulated using advanced blends of premium ingredients to support and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle for aging dogs.

As your furry friend ages, it's natural for their health and behavior to change. Hike Again Remedies are designed to improve the quality of life for mature dogs and bring back their vitality.


The Challenge

To design a brand that is approachable and sustainable, featuring mature dogs in a positive light, without feeling old or depressing.

The Solution 

The solution to the brand challenge involved carefully curating a cohesive visual identity that embodied happiness, approachability, sustainability, and maturity.


The choice of fonts and icons played a crucial role in shaping the brand's identity. Carefully selected fonts conveyed a sense adventure, aligning with the brand's connection to nature and vitality. Simultaneously, purposeful icons were crafted to evoke an outdoor feeling, ensuring seamless integration with the overall brand story.


In addition to fonts and icons, the brand's colour palette was curated to further support the brand story. Warm and vibrant tones were selected to radiate vitality without appearing overly youthful or hyperactive. These colours resonated with the brand's core values, creating a sense of positivity and energy.


Furthermore, integrating mature dogs into the brand imagery was fundamental. Specific guidelines were established to feature images of smiling, mature dogs without collars, symbolising the brand's commitment to granting ageing dogs the freedom to engage in their favourite activities without limitations.


By harmonising purposeful fonts and icons with a warm and vibrant colour palette and imagery of happy, collar-free mature dogs, the brand successfully communicated its essence of happiness, approachability, sustainability, and maturity.

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