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West Coast

West Cost Chillies is a specialty craft pepper grower based in Vancouver, B.C. that's passionate about introducing new and unique flavors to spice up your life! By cultivating a variety of pepper species from around the world and breeding one-of-a-kind hybrid peppers, they bring a taste of the exotic to your table. With a focus on quality and authenticity, West Cost Chillies is your go-to source for bold and exciting flavors.


The solution was to create a fun and vibrant brand that captured the essence of West Coast Chillies and its wild peppers. This included developing multiple logo variations and a playful ghost pepper character, incorporating a bold color palette that was both eye-catching and memorable. By bringing together a mix of playful elements with a focus on the unique and diverse pepper offerings, West Coast Chillies was able to establish a brand that accurately reflected its mission and passion for pepper cultivation.

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